7 Reasons, Why Real Estate Should Become Digital Real Estate.

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Digital Real Estate

Yes, Digital Real Estate is the only solution for real estate in the Nobel Covid- 19 or pandemic situation. After the first lockdown (March 2020), everything was stopped. All the sector except FMCG, were closed and many companies were shutter down.
If we talk about Real Estate, which is totally depended on physical touch and meetings. Because without site visit, look and feel, touch, customers are not ready to buy costly product or properties.
But in this pandemic situation, many developers are become Digital Real Estate Developers and find out the alternates through some real estate agencies or portals like virtual site visits, online meetings/ webinars, online payments options etc.
 Alternates or options are from agencies are

  • Online Enquires
  • Follow Up Automation
  • Virtual Tour/ Site Visit
  • Online Meetings/ Webinars
  • Online Payment
  • CRM Automation
  • Cost Effective

Online Enquires

Earlier builders or developers were majorly depended on Print Ads, Hoarding Media, Offline Media Channels. They were using digital marketing but that on some limit. After or during lockdown, they increased the digital marketing budget and start generating good number of leads and become Digital Real Estate company.

Follow Up Automation

Well due to this covid- 19, not developers are most interesting into digital marketing or digital products and want to become Digital Real Estate company. Earlier they were least interested into leads automation but now lockdown, leads automation companies are generating good revenues.

Virtual Tour/ Site Visit

Digital Real Estate Virtual Tour Site Visit
Woman in virtual reality glasses touching objects in augmented reality, interacting with 3d simulation. Lady selecting app menu items, working in virtual interface, wearing VR headset helmet at home

After a lead generation or enquires, now What Next? Because clients are least interested in site visit. Only old follow up, walk in or referral clients are ready for site visit. So, companies are now going with virtual tour. Virtual tour means that now clients can visit their interest of property from their homes place, now no need to come outside and take risk of anything. Many agencies are offering virtual tour in the form of 360 3D Virtual tour, Drone Shot, HD project & sample flat videos. With the help of virtual tour visit, now physical touch risk is zero and builders can track than how may site visits they have and through analytics, they can track that how many buyers are genuine. So, such modern things are making real estate Digital Real Estate.

Online Meetings & Webinars

Now after virtual site visit, now sales person can arrange an online meeting of 4-10 persons where again no need to come and sales persons can easily resolves the doubts, questions of customers and can be close the sales online as well.
In-fact, not only for client meeting, on lockdown time, many developers were arranged online meeting with their staff and interacted with them for work and ask for pending works easily. So, such modern things are making real estate Digital Real Estate.

Online Payment

Digital Real Estate Online Payment

Now the major concern after lead generation, virtual site visit and sales meeting is sales closure. Now a day, online payment is become the easiest way of payment. With the help of Net banking, UPI, Wallets, RTGS, NEFT, Payment Gateway, builder firms are closing their sales and increasing their revenue as well. With the help of online payment option, real estate is becoming Digital Real Estate.

CRM Automation

Well, CRM is always an important part of Real Estate because after sales, post sales clients will take care by CRM department only. Earlier CRM work was 20-30% was automated but after lockdown it is 60-70% automated. Due to automation, now things are easy for department and on time. With the help of online payment option, real estate is becoming Digital Real Estate.

Cost Effective

Digital Marketing or Digitalization is always cheaper than offline or manual things. It will take one-time cost, but later tasks become easy and on time, like follow ups, reminders and notifications. Earlier task was done by manually where accuracy was less, and costing was also higher. But now a day, most of things are automated, for everything or every task company defined their reminders, notification & follow ups. With the help of such digitalization, company and clients bots are happy and satisfied. So, we must say that Real Estate must become Digital Real Estate. Some builders already adopted the changes and rest will adopt soon or later but they will adopt for sure.

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